Zoning and Land Use

Zoning districts control the physical development of land and limit a property’s usage. They also restrict the size and placement of buildings on a lot, the density of building construction and necessary parking spaces.

In Paulding County, the zoning districts are managed by the Planning and Zoning Division. Paulding County Economic Development works with this division to find ways to highlight the county’s existing assets and improve the quality of future developments. This entails developing regulations and new zoning categories that incentivize increased density and mixed-use developments.

Through strategic planning, it is possible to both preserve the small town feel of our historic cities and foster growth. We can do this by employing infill development, infrastructure upgrades, and focused commercial development in appropriate nodes. Working in alignment with the County’s Comprehensive Plan, we will adopt a unified vision for the county’s future and create a vibrant live, work and play community.

Paulding County Zoning Map

The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for the administration of the Paulding County Zoning Ordinance including the interpretation and amendment. Click here to view the Paulding County Zoning Map. Should you have questions, concerns or comments in reference to this map please email zoning@paulding.gov

Paulding Overlay Districts

We are working together to update the county’s Future Land Use commercial nodes and zoning districts.

Paulding Trail Overlay District

  • The Paulding Trail Overlay District serves as a catalyst for transformative growth and investment. It creates an opportunity to invigorate the rail and trail corridors and surrounding properties to create a better connected, more diversified county. With these improvements, people across the spectrum of age, income, ethnicity, and culture can live, work, shop, meet and play.

Paulding Airport Master Overlay District

  • The Paulding Airport Master Overlay District will create a mixed-use node to promote economic development within the airport’s boundaries and throughout Paulding County. Due to the environmentally sensitive location, the developments will feature a low-impact design, a consolidated infrastructure network, and thoughtful site planning to minimize disturbance to the greenspace.

Medical Overlay Zoning District

  • The Atlanta Regional Commission lists Paulding County as a Wellness District. The area around WellStar Paulding Hospital has already seen significant growth, so we want to proactively sustain this expansion and create a resilient employment center. With development that features pedestrian-oriented connections, higher-density housing, and helpful, unobtrusive wayfinding, we can promote an accessible, attractive district for all users.